What is Naturopathy

Naturopathy is a method of healing to human body with the help of Aakash, Vayu, Agni, Jal & Prithvi (5 elements, of which whole universe is made of). Actually naturopathy is the way of living with nature.

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Principal of Naturopathy

The disease in a body nothing but deposition of foreign (toxic) matter or morbid material inside the body. The treatment is to take out the foreign matter from our bodies. Our body is a living machine, which has got auto-repair and auto-healing systems inside the body.
This is the fundamental principle of nature cure science.

Naturopathy is an art by which we can live long human body is made of panchtatva and the human body can cure itself with the help of panchtatva. There are so many pathies to cure the human body have been discovered by the human. Naturopathy is one of them in which no medicine is used only panchtatva is the main content of naturopathy.



In 2004, Aayu Shakti- Nature Cure Center & Yogashram was founded with the goal of providing holistic health care and social wellness.

This world-class centre of natural healing, with an integrated approach of natural healing and yoga converges the fundamental principles of natural healing for full health. In the hectic and chaotic way of living, we require an essential approach to healing that helps the body galvanise its latent healing abilities and keeps the balance of mind, body and spirit in different purification therapies, medical antidotes and traditional therapies.

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